Maloff Protect - Glenmark


The Maloff Protect logo has been designed to connect immediately with the therapy area. As a prophylactic antimalarial it is important that the mark communicates both the protection, fast action, simplicity and premium support the Maloff brand offers. As such, the icon that sits at the top of the ‘L’ bears more than a passing resemblance to a mosquito. It also symbolises forward movement and implies that the brand offers ‘more than’ any competitors.

The ‘arrow/wings/more than’ symbol also demonstrates containment of the malaria parasite as it encases the red blood droplet. The additional communication of the symbol is that it allows the traveller to simply get on with their journey. Play.

Purple was chosen for its high-end, sophisticated and stylish appearance. The red was chosen to connect the Maloff Protect product with the Glenmark brand, and the Rose Gray was chosen to complement both the red and purple. Rose Gray Metallic 8041c can be used on packaging and promotional materials, it creates a unique and elegant look and feel.