Through a lense - Novartis

Branding + Logo + Web site

Our challenge was to design a consumer friendly website that featured multiple diseases and where people of different ethnic backgrounds, such as Hispanic, African American, Indian and Asian, saw themselves reflected. Since video is a very engaging and visual form of storytelling, we went with a video approach, and to add authenticity we featured real patients’ experiences and stories about their journeys in dealing with their disease. Beyond the emotional connection with real human stories, we wanted to add credibility and provide functional benefits, so the site links to another site where expert doctors talk about the best drug usage for there diseases, and where consumers can find other useful, download-able information.

In its function, the site was designed to be very user friendly and simple to use, this is reflected in the simple design of the logo and branding. The logo and branding were inspired by the idea of play buttons, the buttons you use to start a video. Each disease and play button is reflected by a different color, so that one can easily find the play button related to the disease they want to learn more about. The yellow ‘O’ contained in the logo name style represents a camera lense. The end result is a clean, user friendly website with a simple and refreshing look and feel.

THROUGH A LENSE 2- ALL WORK classic .jpg